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Nothing much. That is if you want the short answer. For the long answer, you are invited to give this article a scan, as we take a look at what exactly will Windows 10 November 2019 Update brings to the table. If you have been following along the development of the operating system, you may have noticed some silence on the 19H2 front. Microsoft has moved the majority of the new features to early next year, reserving them for the 20H1 release. What this means is that while there are a number of new additions to November 2019 Update (codenamed 19H2), the focus for this is on optimizations and refinements, as well as under the hood changes. To some, this makes the most lackluster since the Windows 10 November 2015 Update, which was the first major OS update. A case can be made that 19H2 rivals that version in terms of new features that it brings. However, this fall release of Windows 10 still brings along valuable refinements, small as they are, to your PC. Not to mention the stability and performance enhancements that the company will build future versions on. Microsoft stirred things up a bit recently when it made the decision to split the major Windows 10 releases into two distinct flavors — the first one being a fully-fledged update with new features, and the other one being a secondary patch update. Since we already got the first major update for the year as 19H1, this new release is now on the horizon. What separates this release from the previous versions is how Microsoft plans to ship it to users. 19H2 will arrive in the form of a cumulative update that end-users will be able to install on top of their current Windows 10 19H1 installation. This is a significant change for the company and should result in an overall smaller download and faster install process. Speaking of changes, another notable change is that the 19H2 update is only being tested in the Slow Ring of the Windows Insider Program. That is because the Fast Ring of the preview program is paying host to the 20H1 release, which is well in development now. More complete details can be found posted on OUR FORUM.