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VLC Media Player 3.0.7 was released on Friday and contained the most security updates ever in one release of the program. The president of the VideoLan non-profit organization states that this was due to their inclusion in the EU-FOSSA bug bounty program. Last year, the European Commission announced that they were expanding their Free and Open Source Software Audit (FOSSA) project to support bug bounty programs for free and open source programs that they use. As VLC Media Player is one of the products used by the EU Commission, it was added to a bug bounty program at HackerOne where they are sponsored by EU-FOSSA. Jean-Baptiste Kempf, the President of VideoLan and one of the lead developers of the VLC Media Player, says that VLC 3.0.7 has the most security fixes than any other version of their program. "We just released VLC 3.0.7, a minor update of VLC branch 3.0.x," Kempf stated in a blog post. "This release is a bit special because it has more security issues fixed than any other version of VLC." As VideoLan is a non-profit organization offering free software, being able to afford a bug bounty program that can attract security experts is not an easy task.  Being sponsored, though, by EU-FOSSA who will pay up to €60,000 in bounties for reported VLC vulnerabilities appears to have created a much greater for security researchers to analyze the program. We have more posted on OUR FORUM.