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Phishing campaigns, some launched as recently as March, aimed at stealing credentials from Verizon mobile customers by spoofing the company's support service. Being mobile-focused and using an identifier for an official service from Verizon is what prompted researchers to categorize it as sophisticated above average. The link delivering the phishing kit includes the abbreviation 'ecrm,' which Verizon uses as a sub-domain - ecrm.verizonwireless[.]com - for its Electronic Customer Relationship Management platform. Researchers at Lookout mobile security company noticed one such attack in late November 2018; another one occurred in February this year and the activity intensified in March when three waves were recorded in two consecutive days. Loaded on the desktop, the phishing page looks suspicious, but on mobile devices, it renders as if it were genuine and could easily fool the receiver into sending the attacker the login credentials (phone number or user ID, and password) for the Verizon account. "This kit targeted Verizon customers through malicious links masquerading as Verizon Customer Support. This shows that the attackers did their research," writes Jeremy Richards, a principal security researcher at Lookout. Verizon customers are constantly targeted by phishing campaigns and the company is perfectly aware of this. A page is available with variations of the fraud attempts to warn users to be on guard. Customers of AT&T have also been targeted in a phishing campaign that was active on Monday. Microsoft researchers found it via Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection platform. For more including domain names visit OUR FORUM.