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Apple removed today a very popular anti-malware app called Adware Doctor from the Mac App Store because it was gathering browsing history and other sensitive information without a user's permission and then uploading it to someone in China. Adware Doctor is promoted as an anti-malware and adware protection program that claims to be able to protect your Mac from malicious files and browser from adware. This program was the #1 paid utility in the Mac App Store with a 4.8-star rating and over 7,000 reviews. While it may have had the ability to remove infections on your Mac, it was also discovered to be quietly uploading a user's personal data without their permission to a remote site. This behavior was first discovered by a security researcher named Privacy 1st who noticed that Adware Doctor would gather a user's browsing history from the Chrome, Safari, and the Firefox browsers, a list of running processes, and App Store search history. This information is then stored in a password protected zip file called After the history zip was created, it would be uploaded to a remote server. In a blog post released today, Patrick corroborates Private_1st's findings and provides a detailed analysis of how the program would secretly gather a user's browsing habits and application details and then upload it to a remote host. When Adware Doctor uploaded a user's data, it would send the file to a remote host named While this domain is hosted on Amazon AWS servers, its DNS records clearly show that it is administered by someone from China. Continue reading on OUR FORUM.